Value Group
is a service company that offers
to the airline sector a complete
and wide range of services and consultancies through a highly
skilled outsourcing system.
  VALUE GROUP - Layover
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 scope is...
Support in Flight Operations and Handling Supervision added to Aircraft charter brockerage

Aircraft searching for split or full charter flights (single ad hoc and seasonal series operations)

Crew Accomodation Service (HOTAG) and lay-over management.
The steady increase of passengers and over-crowed flights during the peak season, causes much stress to the personnel involved.
This leads to poor management and handling during emergency situations like technical or meterological crisis.

The numerous inconveniences faced every year has made it necessary to create a strict (passenger protection oriented) regulation for travel
and air transport industries.

During the past few years, while focusing on how this problem had to be solved, several rules have been issued and recognized by local and international authorities.
For example, the passenger's rights chart; CE N.261/2004 regulation (Passenger Assistance, compensation in case of over-booking, flight cancellation or long delays).

The dynamic and flexible feature of the company has made Value Group unique in the European and International market, orientin its services towards crisis management.

The Company's priorities and goals are to ease the passenger discomfort and to secure the airline's image.


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