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Our Innovation.

About our innovation
We invest in technology solutions to make sure that our Clients are always ahead of the game.
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The Reason Why

Starting from our Clients' needs, we tirelessly develop breakthrough software solutions to always provide the highest quality assistance. To make this happen, we strived to build a digital eco-system taking into account all the involved stakeholders' needs. Our technologies are all connected together providing the best and quickest response.

For Clients

Disruption Cockpit

Upgrade your passengers' recovery plan by requesting assistance through the app. Track in real-time the status of the disruption and monitor historical data for every station.

Simple Service Request Procedure

Disruption Cockpit is easy to use thanks the mobile version. In just three step airlines could finish a service request procedure.

Track In Real Time Service Request

Clients can easily track their passengers step by step throughout the process of recovery.

Keep Disruptions Under Control

Get detailed reports, with a complete recap of monthly disruptions and statistics on the type of disrpution occurred.

For Clients

Voucher VG

Go paperless and digitalize completely the meal vouchers service for your passengers. Our application directly links to the passengers’ travel ticket that are entitled to receive the requested type of meal and speeds up the fruition at any point of sales inside the airports and train stations.

Instant Validation

By simply scanning the travel ticket via Voucher VG App, only authorized passengers are able to use the meal voucher requested.

Avoid Commission Fees

VG Voucher App does not charge any type of commission for its utilization.

Report Analysis

Check the number of vouchers associated to your request and monitor in real time the updates of those already validated.

For Suppliers


Suppliers Availability Map

Improve your fleet management and show anytime you are available to provide assistance. We will locate your live position and request immediate service.

Availability In Real Time

Value Group is able to know at any time how many and which type of vehicles are available near the airport.

Pre-Set Your Capacity

Let us know in advance the time frame in which you can be available to provide transport service.

Make It Faster

Designed to make transport requests more puntual and immediate thus minimizing the disruption recovery time.

For Suppliers


Allows all our hotel partners to provide live rooms availability throught the day, thus facilitating booking requests.

Rooms Available In Real Time

Hotels update rooms availability during the day based on current capacity.

Instant Rooms Reservation

Our integrated systems let us confirm immediately the booking request in the most convenient hotels.

Our Integrated Software

Operation Management System

All our worldwide operations are centralized in a unique custom-built platform. We manage and monitor the whole process using real time data and digital integrated applications in assisting our clients.

24/7 Operations

Value Group quickly takes in charge the service request and immediatly assist your passengers.

Integrated App

Value Group is capable to solve every disruption in record time leveraging its integrated operation systems.

Real Time Status

Operation Management System allows the team to always keep under control the progress of the service requested.

Machine Learning

Analysing data collected from previous disruptions, Value Group systems improve constantly along with the team in managing the services.

Emergency Call