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Our Solutions For Crew.

About our solutions
Value Group’s dedicated Team to Crew Logistic Services is specialized in assisting Crew members all over the world.
Thanks to our digital solutions all your Crew’s needs are smoothly handled.
Crew Managed Per Day

This Is What We Do

Value Group offers a seamless tech-driven approach combined with 20+ years of operational expertise to quickly provide dedicated Crew Accommodation Services.

We partner with the most iconic hotel chains in the world  from 4 stars and above.


We own the most extensive and responsive supplier network with first tier vehicles.


This Is How We Do It

Through the experience of qualified personnel, Value Group offers a wide range of high quality services with years of experience and in-depth knowledge providing the most convenient solution for your Crew members.

24/7 assistance

Our operations team is ready to support everytime and everyday


Our team is composed of people speaking more than 8 languages mother tongue


Value Group has the highest track record providing nearly 100% of the service requested, no matter if high or low season.
We always find a solution


Our team is highly skilled and trained to provide Crew Accommodation Services

The Process

Taking Charge In Less Than 2 Minutes

Bookings based on Monthly Planning schedules

Management of Daily Updates

Dedicated Team for Crew support 24/7 for any last minutes requests

Emergency Call