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Our Passenger Care.

Passengers: our priority

We provide 360° support to passengers by combining the physical presence of our staff with the innovation of our systems to ensure a positive passenger experience in the event of disruption. Our Passenger Experience provides airlines with positive feedback in terms of assistance and restoring passenger confidence.

Satisfied Passengers
Less Complaints

*Data source from Value feedback form


Innovative Tools

We use technology to improve passenger experience through an optimisation of logistics.

VG Layover Lounge

We designed passenger dedicated spaces to meet any need they may have.

Value Staff

Our staff is available in all airports for ensuring that passengers receive immediate assistance and information support.

Our Passenger Care

Our Airport Services

We firmly believe that physical presence is the key for enhancing passenger experience. We are an industry leader in assisting passengers at all major domestic and international airports by providing immediate support through the presence of our VG Airport Staff and our VG Layover Lounges.

Our airport team counts

VG Airport Staff

and we assist on average

Passengers every day

Our Human Touch

VG Layover Lounge Perks

Starting with passenger satisfaction, we created dedicated spaces within airports to assist them and meet their every need. Inside the VG Layover Lounges, our staff is always available and, thanks to the provided services, they ensure quality and efficiency and always respect the passengers.

Information Desk

Free Wifi

Hot and Cold Drinks

Babysitting Services

Our VG Lounge

Fully operational
Coming soon

Taking Care of Your Passengers

Your passengers are never left alone. We take care of them from the beginning until the end of the disruption.


Our VG Layover Lounges are open 24/7 to accommodate passengers


We meet every need of passengers by activating multiple free services

Dedicated Staff

Our staff is always available to provide information and support to passengers

360° Service

Passengers are assisted in all steps in our recovery plan

Our Solution for Airports

Another Value added for Airports

Our solutions that focus on passenger experience make airport experience more efficient: by combining technology optimization of logistics with 360° assistance, we significantly increase the satisfaction of both airlines and their passengers.

Upgrade Airport

We created state-of-the-art spaces that allow the airport to stand out itself in passenger support

Enhance Airport
Passenger Experience

We design and develop our solutions focusing on the needs and desires of passengers during their experience at airport

Improve Airport

Our recovery plan increases airport logistics efficiency in terms of speed and assistance

What Passengers Say

Emergency Call