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How Value Group Is Striving To Become The Best at Disruption Management

How Value Group Is Striving To Become The Best at Disruption Management

May 26/23 | Blog

Disruptions are a touchy subject. We know it.

No one likes them, because let's face it, being stranded in a foreign country, without any idea of what happens next, isn’t the ideal end to anyone's perfect trip.

We truly believe that honing our craft, and becoming the #1 IROPs management company in Europe (and, soon, the world!) will open a new chapter for air travel.

Imagine this: your flight gets canceled, and instead of stressing out, and worrying about what may happen next, you’re relaxed. Why? Because you know your rights, and that Value Group has your back.

But we’re not a “words” company, we’re action oriented, that’s why in this article we want to share with you how our disruption management is different. And why your favorite airline should pick us to manage their disruptions on their behalf.

1. There's nothing like the Human Touch

We may make a list on how we are the best because we are hyper technological and how we use AI to best organize our service requests, but we don't want to.


Because we know that our point of strength is one: the human side of our services.

We actually pride ourselves in giving the end passenger the best service possible, by being there physically.

We train our flight disruption assistants to deliver the best service possible. We also train our 24/7 operations department to find a solution to any problem, and satisfy any request.

Yes, if you're vegan and your flight gets canceled, don't worry, we've got you covered.

Our Team at Marco Polo Airport, Venice

2. Wherever you are, we are

It may sound cheesy but it's true: we're that present. Our network is extensive and covers all of Europe.

This week only, we've served passengers in the biggest airports of the continent: Charles De Gaulle, Luton, Frankfurt, Barajas, Fiumicino. You name it.

There is no airport we can't get our buses to and book hotel accommodations at. And all of our clients know this.

This is particularly linked to our relations with our suppliers and how we keep the human touch alive, even when dealing with them.

3. Technology and AI-Powered Management

The world is changing, and so are we.

Although our industry cannot be fully overtaken by Artificial Intelligence, we still believe in integrating its tools within our operations to offer the best service possible.

An easy and smoothly managed disruption depends on many factors. When you're dealing with hundreds of angry passengers, you can't leave nothing to chance.

This is why we make it easy for the end passenger to use our service. Just like we did with our VG Voucher solution.

When a flight is delayed for 2 hours or more, passengers are entitled to refreshments, through our exclusive app, clients can activate these refreshment vouchers directly to their passengers boarding pass.

On our clients' side, we also developed Disruption Cockpit. The app that lets Airlines have a 360 degree overview on the management of their disruptions.

Value Group, with its 20-year experience and specialized services fully dedicated to manage any flight-related crisis, remains at the service of airlines and airports to take from them the hassle of having to manage disruptions.

To request a demo of our apps, you can send an email to

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